New York Travel Fest Day Two: I Want To Be Part Of It, New York New York…

Of course you could Uber from Brooklyn to NYU, but what would be the fun in that? Part of experiencing the NY city vibe is connecting with locals on the subway, and on this particular morning the locals were supercharged over the electrical outages impacting Manhattan’s rush hour traffic.  So off on the delayed C train we went……

Arriving at NYU, we learned that advanced sales indicate that NY state stands to loose $300 million in tourism revenues next year as a result of recent changes in the political climate. The state is hoping to mitigate that loss with the “Everyone is Welcome Here” marketing campaign as well as a variety of state grants focused on inclusion and the embracing of the cultural diversity that made NY such a world renowned melting pot in the first place.   From the Developing International Appeal discussion, we learned that international appeal is largely driven by culturally based emotional excitement and passion points, as well as exploring the historical connections of NYC to countries like Ireland and the Netherlands.

After a delicious Korean bibimbap lunch that included plenty of networking opportunities, the Enticing Millenials panel conveyed that the feels and looks of an experience; the ability to connect with locals; and the ability to engage with millenials on social media platforms, are extremely important decision making factors to millenials.  The last two panels of the day discussed diversity in marketing and hiring and stressed the importance of knowing the cultural nuances of your target group in order to avoid an epic fail like the recently pulled Pepsi commercial.

Wanting to be part of it, New York, New York…. it was time for April Hope, creator of Love Lust or Bust, and me to enjoy some retail therapy in the city that never sleeps!

Being a part of it, New York, New York… we made a B-line to the Gansevoort to mingle with the hopping crowd already on the spot to admire the panoramic views from the rooftop bar and terraces.

Slowly getting too tired to remain a part of it, New York, New York…. we marched our vagabond shoes forward and bar hopped our way around the Meatpacking District before throwing in the towel, and heading over to the bald guy to indulge in a delectable chocolate mess, and hit the send button procuring our Uber ride to the magic castle….home!!!

Exhausted but satisfied we marched our vagabond shoes up four flights of unforgiving stairs and bid the night a warm adieu.

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